Acacia Main Restaurant/ Akasya Restaurant

At Akasya Restaurant, the main restaurant of our Casa Fora Beach Resort hotel, the hustle and bustle that starts every day with the first light of the morning is accompanied by fragrant scents in the air. We are sure that the taste of our breakfast and food varieties, which come from the recipes of our expert famous chefs, will remain on your palate.

Every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of various types of food suitable for the taste of our guests, are served as an open buffet. In Akasya, where selections from Turkish and world cuisine are offered, you can also encounter local delicacies from the Mediterranean cuisine at any time.

In the open buffet menu we offer to our guests at Akasya Restaurant, there is a special area for our vegetarian guests as well as a carefully prepared separate menu for our guests with gluten sensitivity. We also state our warnings for our guests with allergen sensitivity in all our food menus.

Our chefs also prepare a special children’s menu every day for our most special guests, the little ones. Our special design that we have applied in Akasya Restaurant, which impresses with its modern architecture, provides both convenience and comfort for our disabled guests.

Do not forget that at Akasya Restaurant, where we prioritize ‘sustainability’, we have thought and implemented every detail for you.

Poseidon Fish A la Carte Restaurant

Rakan Fish restaurant, which is among the exclusive à la carte restaurants of Casa Fora Beach Resort, serves fresh seafood, appetizers and salads every day to our guests. All the seafood you will order at Rakan Fish, where Mediterranean greens meet with Aegean appetizers, will find their place on your table with the most successful cooking of my chefs. Fresh, local and natural ingredients obtained from sustainable agriculture are supplied from the region and enter our kitchen, and each of them is prepared with the recipes of our expert master chefs and turns into a complete feast of taste.

Fora Special Ottoman A la Carte Restaurant

Today, Turkish cuisine, which has become a world brand, hosts thousands of flavors. These delicious flavors of Turkish cuisine are blended and interpreted in the recipes of our chefs. These reinterpreted flavors combine with Ottoman cuisine and find their place on the menu as Taurus Ottoman’s most delicious dishes. Casa Fora’s Ottoman cuisine is prepared with fresh and local products every day and offered to our guests.

Mia Casa Mediterranean A la Carte Restaurant

In our Vesuvius Mediterranean restaurant, we offer our guests a delicious menu that will not disappoint those who adopt the Mediterranean and Aegean diet as their philosophy of life. Our sustainable menu, which we serve in our very pleasant and modern restaurant, consists of dishes carefully selected from Mediterranean cuisines and prepared with the highest quality ingredients.

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