Each of our guests is special and important to us, so in order to make our guests feel good, our SPA – Wellness center; We care about having a clean, calm and relaxing environment.

All our guests who have adopted a healthy lifestyle, in our SPA – Wellness area; We offer an experience of rest, vitality and renewal. Our guests who want to get away from stress and empty their minds; We understand your needs and help you relax and feel special in the SPA – Wellness section of Casa Fora with our carefully trained staff.

We offer services to support the physical and mental health of our guests in our SPA – Wellness center, which has a gentle and attentive service understanding. Among these services we offer; we can count our activities such as massage, skin care, yoga and meditation.

Our trained and professional team, which aims to help you relax and rejuvenate by making you feel special and important, can also offer special programs according to your needs. These programs we aim to offer you will be designed according to your personal health goals. Among these designed targets; We may have options such as detox, wellness, relaxation and stress relief.

In addition to focusing on your health and well-being in our SPA – Wellness center serving within the body of Casa Fora; We provide you with rest, purification and rejuvenation. Together with our SPA – Wellness team, we aim to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, as well as provide special services designed according to your needs.

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