Casa Fora Beach Resort is on the seafront and the ring road passes between our hotel and the beach area. However, we have a special way to make our guests’ safe passage from the hotel to the beach area. You can easily reach our 220 meter wide beach area by passing through the specially made tunnel. Our beach area has two separate sections. There is a separate beach area for adults without children and a separate beach area for families with children. The seabed of our sandy beach; It consists of a mixture of sand and gravel. Sun umbrellas, sun loungers and sea towels are offered free of charge to our guests on the beach and in the pool.

We have a total of 10 cabanas on the beach. In order for our guests to feel at home in their cabanas; There are sun loungers and large padded cushions in this area. In addition, privileges such as special shuttle service are provided to our guests throughout the day in this special resting area.

Cabana Services / Beach Pavilions

Tea and coffee, lunch (snack menu), snacks throughout the day, fresh seasonal fruits, hot, non-alcoholic cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, ice cream and lemonade, cold towels, mini bar, Wi-Fi are just a few of the special services we offer in these cabanas. Private cabanas can be rented between 10:00 and 18:00 for an extra fee. You can get help from Casa Fora’s Guest Relations department for reservation and rental.

Other facilities

Casa Fora Beach Resort has a variety of shops, markets and event displays on site. Special SPA opportunities for a healthy life, water sports activities for adventurers and indoor activities for safe entertainment are also available throughout the facility for our guests to use.

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